Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spettle Riverside House

This house sits just inside of the Thousand Trails park.  When I look out across the lake here, it's hard to imagine that there are houses and parts of a town under water.  I'm quite sure that happened all over America as the rivers were dammed up.
How they moved it back in 1912 is beyond me. Any ideas?
Oh, I would love to see inside this house! But, it's obviously disintegrating, with no trespassing signs posted all over it.

The house is surrounded by big oak trees like this.
So beautiful.


  1. Wonderful oak trees!
    They probably moved each wing separately, using lots of horses to pull it across a series of rollers (logs; as it clears the back one you move that one to the front). That's how I would have done it in 1912.

  2. It seems such a shame for a house of such character to be allowed to disintegrate. Is there a body in the State which designates old buildings as important and worthy of conservation and can require that they are conserved?

  3. I agree with GB! I hope someone saves the house!

  4. Let's hope that there is such an organization there.
    San Antonio holds warm memories of my husband's and my visits there.

  5. Its haunted! Went there are a kid, I lived 5 minutes away from thousand trails.