Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moving in to Colorado

After a one-night rest stop in New Mexico, we took off for Colorado.
Coming down off of Raton Pass, you can see the Rocky Mountains in the backround.
Driving along, you never know what you're going to see.
Unfortunately, so many times when I try to take a picture while driving along at 65 mph, I often get power poles or road signs in the pics. Pssht!
Pike's Peak in the backround. We found out several years ago that no matter how warm it is in Colorado Springs proper, it is COLD & WINDY on top of that mountain!
This view is from our campground, not our campsite, but isn't it gorgeous? A different view of Pike's Peak.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Amarillo, TX

Located in the Texas panhandle. It rained buckets for the few days we were there. In fact, that's why we stayed, so we wouldn't have to travel in bad weather.
We passed through Amarillo last year as well, and the wind just howled.
And just in case anyone was wondering where to find happiness...
It's in Texas!
As we travel around, we're amazed at how much open land there is.
This was Texas Highway 208. Well, I guess it still is. On a Sunday morning, with no traffic, it was perfect.
These are Pronghorn Antelope. Remember the song, Home on the Range? Well, these antelope are not playing with deer. We haven't seen any deer. However, they seem to like to hang out with cattle. Not intermingling with them, but they must have figured out that if there are cows, there will be water.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Medina Lake 2012

This was Medina Lake, Texas in March of 2011.
Between a very bad drought year, and the city taking the water, this is what the lake looks like in 2012.  Thinking that we'd get some fishing in, and that we'd have trouble getting a good campsite due to all of the campers, boy, were we surprised. Cows where the lake used to be. Almost nobody there. It's still a beautiful park, even without the water. We had a gorgeous site that we just loved.
There's just something about this place that draws me in. So many of the trees are dripping with moss, and others are a tangle of branches that the deer wind their way through. It makes me want to write a story. So many possibilities. Could be a mystery, or a thriller, or just someone coming to terms with himself through the enchantment of the woods. We'll see. :)

One morning, the rains came, and kept coming, and kept coming. Big thunderstorms.
This is when we started getting worried. April and May are not good months to hang out in Texas, but because of some work commitments, there we sat in some pretty severe storms.
Another storm, later that same night, left dents in the hood of our truck from golfball-sized hail. Was a wild night. The next day, the forcast was calling for 4 inches of rain, so we packed up in a hurry and got on up the road.