Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who Else Hangs in This Hood

As we were driving down the highway towards Port Aransas, TX, I started thinking about hurricanes and wondering how many had actually hit this area. I have to say that sometimes I love having an ipad!

The hurricane of 1919 practically wiped out Port Aransas except for a very few fortunate buildings. The docks, wharf and warehouses were now on the mainland, and the whole of the island was flooded and infested with rattlesnakes seeking some kind of high ground. The rebuilding would be hard and long, as most towns in the region were bestowed the same fate, materials would become increasing hard to find and transport as well, so many would not return.

There have been other hurricanes as well, but my point is that the rattlesnakes stayed. Moved in, unpacked, and set up housekeeping. There are dunes all around the rv park, but we don't dare walk in them. Had I not read that piece on the drive we wouldn't have known. When I asked the park host, he told me, in his long Texas drawl, that he had to kill one just the other morning.

Here are some other fun inhabitants of the island:

Roseate Spoonbill

Black Bellied Whistling Duck
Laughing Gull
The gulls do sound like they're laughing, and they are the most vocal and raucus bunch I've ever heard. These are not my photos, by the way. They're off the internet because they show the details so much better than mine. :)

Let's hope I don't have any rattlesnake pictures to post!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I have been afraid of these for years. Yes, I've seen them in the grocery stores, but I never see anyone buying any. Nobody saying, "Oh, there's the Chayote!"

Hubby is one of those people that will try ANYTHING, and I do mean anything. Thus, my fear of the unknown. I mean, when we were in San Francisco one time, he went off with a little Asian woman through two or three stores in Chinatown simply because he had asked her what these strange long beans were and how to cook them.. She really didn't even speak English, but that didn't stop these two. She had ahold of his elbow, and led him around trying to explain how to cook Dragon Eyes, or whatever they were called. They communicated on some visceral level that I was not privvy to.  He came home with some pretty bizarre things, but he was in heaven. And how awesome was that woman to take the time to try to tell him how to cook all of those strange things? That was so cool.

Yesterday, he came home with two Chayote. Ah geez. Really? Well, I don't have to eat them. He will probably be more than happy to eat them both himself.  Imagine my surprise when I tasted this:


Whisk the juice of 2 limes, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and a pinch each of sugar and salt in a bowl. Thinly slice 1 peeled chayote, 1 avocado, and 4 radishes; gently toss with the dressing.

Easy peasy, and delicious. Let me know what you think!