Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Footsteps

Tiny footsteps in our lives...
The concrete pad next to our motorhome displays these beautiful spines of leaves that perhaps found wings on the wind, and found their new home on wet concrete.
How lightly can something touch our lives and yet leave a definite footprint that changes us forever?  Do we ever recognize that moment?  Sometimes.
I'd like to keep in mind, that anything, or anyone, can gently brush by me, no matter how lightly, and change me forever.
And, hopefully, make a more meaningful life!


  1. Those are beautiful! Our concrete driveway has small pathways of kitty paw prints :)

  2. Incredibly light and wonderful evidence of nature's passing by.

  3. What beautiful images. The beauty of nature captured rather like fossils - in fact a sort of man-made fossil.

  4. Lisa....I had to drop by to see the leaves...your words really spoke to me. I saw them on a news feed and had to stop by to say hi. Sounds like your travels are going well. Keep up the good work and stay safe!
    Your long lost blogging friend....