Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Tuesday - Spring!

Garden Tuesday is being brought to us by our bloggy buddy, Pam, over at Sidewalk Shoes. Link up, lets see what's going on in your garden!

My garden today is near Lake Travis, in central Texas. This is the first wildflower I've seen so far this year. Texas is kind of known for the wildflowers along the roadways in the spring. Not much rain this winter though, so we'll see how many wildflowers are popping up this month.
Shiny, tender new leaves...
And the #1 first sign of spring?
WEEDS!!! Oh yeah, forgot about that, didn't we?
I saw two swallowtail butterflies today too, but was certainly not prepared to catch a photo!


  1. Are those blue flowers bluebonnets? One of my uncles loved them so much that he had his younger brother scatter his ashes among them.

  2. I love that first wild flower!! Thanks for linking up at Garden Tuesday!

  3. I think it is a bluebonnet. I heard that last year, the roadways were smothered in them!

  4. That first flower is so pretty. Love the color.