Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Doves

The doves started building their nest in the eaves of the backyard deck on the 24th of February. I'm not sure how that nest came down that same day, whether by an attack, or just from them flying in and out. Next day, they built a new nest. All was well for a day or so, then the egg fell to the ground.
They waited a few days for the next nest, and I really thought they figured it out. This nest lasted several days, then ended up on the ground as well. I started hoping that they wouldn't rebuild it. It made me sad.
But they did rebuild and she sat for a number of days while Daddy Dove spent his days on the fence standing guard. As you can see from the photo, number four was disastrous too.  Their nests are simple, just twigs really, easily knocked around. How do they ever manage to hatch those eggs?

They haven't shown any signs of using that spot again, and I'm so happy about that!