Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where are we Wednesday

We decided to take a drive this morning. Just a few more shots of the wildflowers along the highway.
Here's where we ended up!
We had planned on coming to La Grange last week, but for some reason that I can't remember at the moment, we didn't make it. 
The first thing we noticed was an old cemetary.  Pretty fascinating.  We had to drive around the block to figure out how to get in.
I did notice that there were a lot of women in this particular part of the cemetary. I just love some of the monuments in here.
The population of La Grange is about 5,000 people. Everyone that we talked to since coming to Texas has been the most polite, helpful, and delightful people! I could get very used to that in a hurry.
This is the courthouse, located in the heart of downtown.
It looks a little like a house of horrors in this picture, but it is quite beautiful.
Just a block from downtown, here was this fella all by himself in a couple of acre fenced yard.
Here's where we ate on the way home.
There's BBQ everywhere in Texas, but this has been the best by far! I did feel a wee bit guilty when we left and I looked across the highway.
I hope your day was as delicious, I mean, as wonderful as ours!


  1. Beautiful. I feel like I'm traveling too!

  2. Such gorgeous and refreshing life, Lisa!! We're facing some kind Nor'Easter in the days ahead, again...we'll see what numbers on the ruler will fall this time.

    Thank you for the refreshment...the flowers are absolutely heart warming :)

  3. A beautiful post, Lisa. I loved the wild flowers and the lady on the tombstone was so thoughtful and serene.

  4. These are fantastic! I haven't seen Indian Paintbrushes yet, but have seen Bluebonnets. And now I want to go to LaGrange! :)

    So far, our weather has been clear and cool. I know there's some wild stuff around us though, yikes! Thank you for the heads up.