Monday, March 28, 2011

All God's Creatures Sunday . . . or Monday

This is the picture I was going to post yesterday.
Unusual fellow.  Actually, there were 4 or 5 of them nosing around the stump.  Well, I'll just see if I can figure out what it is.   Went online, typed in black & white bug, got numerous sites that popped up.  Clicked on one...not much info, went to another, and all of a sudden, my computer had a virus that disabled my virus protector, and claimed it was microsoft removal tool and demanded we purchase their protection for $59.00.  (This is not a microsoft program at all, but it looked pretty authentic!)  As the morning wore on, it seemed to get worse, not allowing access to any of my programs.

Seven hours on the phone with microsoft, the virus is gone and everything is back to normal.  Evidently, this was a new virus that ms had just learned of yesterday.

So, suffice it to say, I don't care what kind of bug it is.  If I could remember the exact site I went to I'd let you know, but the whole thing freaked me out so much that I can't remember. 

We had another little visitor in the last couple of days too. 
We had grilled some chicken outside the night before and whoever this was couldn't resist the catch tray for the grease!


  1. A raccoon, you think? The footprints, of course, not the bug!
    I HATE viruses! How can someone get joy from destroying computer files? They are cyber Vandals. Grr...

  2. A computer virus!! Now that would not make me thankful!

    You've now got me curious about your bug. I've not seen one like that - ever!