Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Little Catch Up

Our old house, we're sitting next door
So, here we are back down in Sierra Vista, AZ. We're nextdoor to our house that we sold. I have to say that things work out as they're supposed to. The people that we sold the house to are Perfect for this wonderful little neighborhood. And we're so fortunate to be able to stay here in this yard with full hook-ups.

On our way to Sierra Vista, we came through Tucson during the "blizzard." Yes, that is a blizzard for Tucson. I love when it snows heavily, but not for too long. Snow without shoveling is fun.

We came down here for yearly doctor and dentist appointments, and also to get footage to make commercials for clients. Nice to catch up with friends as well.

The first sweater photo is a project that sat around for, I swear, thirty years. I got the front, back, and one sleeve done, then I guess life happened. Fast forward thirty years and I can hardly believe that I brought it with us when we packed up the motorhome. I finished the second sleeve, sewed it together, then realized that I didn't have enough yarn to finish the neck. #&#@*! I managed to find something close and got the thing done.

The second sweater is a really cute pattern from ravelry, Girls Bolero Shrug. I really love the border on the bottom. Not much in the way of yarn choice here in Sierra Vista, so I used stash yarn. I'm nervously wondering if I'm going to have enough to finish this one too. Bummer.

Lexi's painting is finished. I added some sparkley beads just to fill in a little. A vintage paper bird or two would have been cute glued on, but I'm happy with it. Hopefully, I'll get it mailed off to CO tomorrow.

Heading out on the road in the morning to Casa Grande for a night, Blythe for a night, then into Palm Springs for a couple of weeks. Supposed to be in the 90s there. A little warm but I'm not complaining.