Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Few Pics

Gobs of cardinals here.  Everytime I see a male I think, when God made these, He must have been so pleased!  Love that red!

Hog boy, hoggin' up the feeder.
I don't know what this one is.  I thought maybe some kind of titmouse?
Then there's the grackle.  We have been trying to catch their calls on video for a few weeks now.  They sound like rustling paper, then radio frequency, then a strange whistle.  I find the sounds fascinating.  We'll keep trying.


  1. Rather a plain bird, the grackle except for that bit of purple shine. Now I'm curious to hear the call. Also the grey bird, gonna have to get out my bird book!

  2. I love seeing birds that I don't see either here in NZ nor in the UK. Thanks.

  3. Cardinals are such stunning birds.
    I agree that God must have been very proud the day he made the cardinal.
    I think the the females are pretty too.
    With their soft brown with tinges of red.
    They look like sweet little ladies:)
    The grackles are NOT well liked around here, there is millions of them, and they are very dirty birds and carry dieases from sick cows to other peoples cattle.
    But, Mainly they are shot and poisoned (which I dont like) because they like to nest inside farm equipment,one bird has literally destroyed millions of dollars of equipment.(they rip apart the wiring or nest with in the engine)
    But, I do agree that their call/song is very unique,I always thought it sounded very fluid,like water trickling or a brook gurgling.
    Just wish they would stay out of people tractors!

  4. Love the squirrel pic, what an acrobat. When we were in Texas we had a Cardinal that kept attacking the windows of our trailer...saw his reflection I guess. It went on for days!! Cheye thought it was exciting :o)

  5. Hesper! I had no idea! My mom was always upset with grackles because they happened to snatch a baby dove in front of her at one time. I always felt like I had to defend them somehow. Circle of life, as sad as that is, right? But, I had no idea about the farm equipment. Why? A spot tucked away? A warm engine? Bunches of wire to pull their nest together? Reminds me of mice/rats that will make nests in car engines. Just plain weird!

  6. It is odd.
    Since we dont have alot of trees in our area you would think that would be the reason they would want to nest in such places.
    However,even in areas where there is more trees, the still like to nest in equipment.
    It doesnt seem to matter either if the machinery has been parked for awhile or was just used that day.
    They actually got into the cab of my husbands tractor last year.
    And though that was actually better then under the hood of the tractor,the little buggers tore apart the radio wires,even though they didnt use them or want to nest up there!
    They remind me of that cartoon gremlin that used to be on the bugs bunny show:)
    OH! and just so you know, they actually make a lot of different calls and songs then just the "gurgling" one.
    Have a good night!