Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where are we Wednesday

Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. 
We're actually not quite this close, but just a short drive.

Yes, I sort of dropped the ball as far as San Antonio is concerned.  Truth be told, I wasn't all that impressed with it, although I wasn't feeling well at the time.

We originally came to Austin to catch some music, this being the live music capital of the world.  We love the music that comes out of this part of the country; from blues to indie rock, country to jazz, rock en español and more.  So imagine our delight when we discovered that this very week is South by Southwest (SXSW) music & film festival in Austin on Sixth St!!!  Until we found out that a half a million people come to Austin for this event!  To get a wristband to all of the events is $450 in advance.  Walk in rate is $950 per person.  No kidding.  Then we thought, might be a bummer that we ended up here this week.
Then we found out that there is PLENTY of live music for free this week all over Austin!  We ventured downtown around 11:00 this morning, just when the roads were being blocked off.  Stages were being set up:
Walking around downtown, with lots of people even though it was early, you could feel the expectations of the crowds.   I swear, by the time we got back to the truck, we smelled like a dive bar and we hadn't even gone inside. 

I love murals painted on walls in downtown areas.
We left the downtown area, knowing that we would not be able to stay long enough to catch music down here (Shasta's bladder), and headed down to Congress St., where the Continental Club is.  We hear about that club all the time on Serious XM, Outlaw Country! 
The little plaque next to the door says that this is an Austin Landmark. There are some pretty big names that come through here. Going inside, we were so surprised at how small this venue is, but I'm sure people are packed in here like sardines. I would take that on to see Junior Brown!

We're back on the road tomorrow, but I'll try to post some more about Austin!


  1. I was briefly in Austin - it's beautiful, isn't it?

    And...I wasn't amazed by San Antonio either. :)

    How cool y'all are in Texas! If y'all come to Fort Worth area, definitely try Dutch's Burgers. They are on University St. near TCU. They are HUGE and super delicious. The fires are totally worth the extra couple bucks too - definitely order the fries with the burger.

  2. I'm glad that you're having some fun in Texas! I would love to go there someday. Great pictures. Happy traveling!

  3. Yeah, that traffic didn't look like that much fun!