Saturday, January 11, 2014

What a Strange Time This Is

Life traveling in the motorhome... We've been in so many cities every couple of weeks, that even going into a store that is in almost every city, eg. Target, Walmart, Safeway, we are turned around in those stores, since they are not necessarily set up the same. Even coming out of a store into a parking lot such as Costco, we seem to have to stop and ask, "Where are we?" Then we laugh. Every time.

Believe me, it has been a Blast! I love waking up to a new view every couple of weeks. How many people get to do what we did? Not many. Loads of people would like to. We talk to them all the time. They dream about it. But it really takes a lot of effort to make that happen. My best wishes for those people who are actually able to do it.

Circumstances are such that we need to stop. BooHoo. Not really, (the boohoo part). Yes, I could continue and be perfectly happy. However, life is leading us in a new direction. Thankfully, we have a small house that has been rented out for the last three and a half years, in a city that we really like.

Looking forward, we're excited to move in, set up our nest, and discover what we had left in storage!