Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello, San Antonio!

Here we are! Warm, sunny, with lots of traffic.
Have I mentioned that Texans seem to really love their state, their flag? I should have taken some photos of examples of that in the thousand trails park we left this morning. Wagons painted to look like the flag, mailboxes, and actual flags most everywhere.
Tomorrow's Friday My Town Shootout topic is chaos. The only chaos I see around here is the traffic. I'm just not used to it anymore.
This is the little RV park we're staying in for a few days, Traveler's World. Kind of charming in its own little way. Look at the "spring" in some of those trees!!! And even though it's kind of a parking lot with everyone lined up next to each other, there is a concrete pad & picnic table on each site, and actual grass & trees on every lot. Plus, it overlooks a golf course. Not too bad.

After we arrived here, we drove about 10 minutes down to Riverwalk for some lunch. It's a winding river that snakes through the downtown area with a bazillion restaurants and shopping. It's obviously very touristy, and, I'm sure, employs many of the local residents. We're going back tomorrow and I'll take the Canon with me. But for today...
Shiner Bock is made in Shiner, TX (it was really good, by the way). I think we'll be going right by there in the next couple of weeks. Perhaps we'll have to make a little detour?


  1. I really enjoyed San Antonio. We did a Segway tour (SegCity near the Alamo) and it was so fun. Good tour and the Segway is really easy to ride.

  2. Café society - wonderful. I love sitting in the sun doing the crossword and watching the world go by. Heaven on earth. But, like many things, it's something I love for a while and then have to have the peace of the countryside again to re-charge my batteries.

    And spring in the trees - beautiful.