Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Repairs, and more repairs...

No, I'm not really complaining.  I'm not.  Because I figure that if these things were not discovered now, somewhere down the road we may have been in big trouble.
We came here to get the PTO spline replaced with a "wet" kit that will lubricate that gear.  The service manager talked the warranty company in to covering it.  Uh oh, your hydrolic pump is bad (tech showed Hubby).  Okay, warranty will cover it.  While putting that in...uh oh, your radiator is leaking.  Have to have an inspector from warranty come out and look at it.

Fortunately, the inspector was close by, came to inspect, and a couple of hours later gave us the okay to replace it under warranty. 

So, another night outside the building, in the rain.  A really great thing about it was that because the mh is being pulled in and out of the service area, all of the slides were folded in all night.  No leaking slides.  Yeah, we should have been doing that all along.  Brain surgeons, we are not.  :)

This morning we're pulled back in to the service area and told to secure everything because they had to lift the house on wheels to drop the radiator out.  This also meant tipping the mh forward.  Now, we had visions of everything in the cabinets flying out, anything loose sliding into the front window.  Turns out, it wasn't tipped THAT far.  Silly us!

Radiator dropped out and...uh oh, your turbo charger is leaking.  Another call to warranty but this time we may have to wait a day or two to get the inspector to come by.

This all creates an environment of anxious, nervous energy.  Hubby is not the laid back type.  He is easily frustrated, and is pretty verbal about it.  Imagine living in a box with your family.  It just takes one little word, or 5 repairs, to set off the negative train.  Everything is magnified in this little box, especially emotions.  We're fine, don't worry.  He goes out to talk to the service manager every so often, and that seems to calm him down.  I'll have to thank that guy later! 

What can I say?  I'm thankful for our safety.  I'm grateful that the warranty company has been so generous towards us.  We won't be stuck here forever.  Tomorrow is another day.  :)


  1. It is a bit of a pain when your house has to go in for repairs...but you are right, better to find the problems now then when your rolling down the road!

  2. Oh, what a pain in the you-know-what.

  3. I'd love to say to your Hubby that life is too short to get upset by such things. But whilst I could point out that these things are really small in the greater scheme of life - even our small parts of life in general - and that life is much better when we don't sweat the small stuff and that it's mostly small stuff, I suspect that he'd not be a Happy Hubby.

    I hope that he doesn't read comments!!

    I truly hope that everything gets sorted very quickly for you.

  4. I hope you get everything repaired at once and are good to go. When my friends and their 2 kids under 10 yrs spent a year in a motorhome touring the country, her blog was all about limping from one repair to the next. Better a big stop now than be harried by things all along!

    Happy Trails for the New Year!