Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not quite Palm Springs, but...

From Colton CA 2010
Here we are tonight in Redlands, part of San Bernardino County.  What is important about this fact, is that we are about 5 miles down the road from Colton Truck Repair shop!!!  YEAH!!!!
Let's see.  Where did I leave off in the repair list?  Okay, the Air Turbo Charger that was leaking?  I guess it depends on who you talk to.  Later today I hear that the charger was toast!  Took until about 2:30 pm today to find out that, YES, warranty would indeed cover this as well!!!!  Thank. You. God.

So, now the radiator, and charger are put back inside, the shocks are adjusted, the PTO spline is wetted, hydrolic pump replaced, muffler insulated, wires protected, and we're off for our "test drive." 

Oh, the relief of all of this being completed (knowing that we will not have to spend the night, yet again, in the parking lot of the repair shop!)  One more small piece to this puzzle before we head to Palm Springs for the night!

Pull out on the street, just off the repair shop parking lot, CLUNK!!!  I mean that in a huge, loud, does not sound good sort of way!  The supervisor that was driving the coach at this point looks at Hubby in the passenger seat and says, "Oh, that does not sound good."  He gets on the walkie talkie and gets a couple of other employees to help back the mh into the shop.  #@!*+$&#!

So, a long story, short, a sway bar bracket BROKE IN HALF!!!  These brain surgeons of all things metal & chassis take just an hour to fix this latest problem!  In the end, it kind of cracked me up; two of the employees were talking about us being back in the shop: "Let's hurry up and get this fixed before anything else goes wrong with this thing.  Let's get this poor bastard out of here!"  They did not realize that the front driver window was open.  But I totally understood what they meant!

Here's the hilarious part of all of this!
From Colton CA 2010
When we left the garage this afternoon, they gave us TWO 2lb. 2oz. cans of Fancy Mixed Nuts, one 2lb. box of European Chocolate Cookies, two screen printed t-shirts, and two hats from Colton Truck Terminal Garage!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT!?  I had no idea that they were so touched by our visitation.  Truly, they were awesome!

Yes, our good fortune!  Total bill:  a bit over 12,000 dollars!  Our good fortune comes in at the fact that $10,000 was covered by warranty. 



  1. OVER $12k!!!! Oh dear. I take back everything I said yesterday. Well, sort of. At the end of the day it's a 'thing' and not you and Hubby that needed mending.

    I wish you a trouble-free journey from now on.

    Have a wonderful New Year.

  2. OUCH! Yes, oh yes, thankful for warranty :)

  3. Oh, my!!! Yes, thank goodness for the warranty...I think that I would have passed out upon seeing a bill for $12K!!!