Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Sunday!

My shabby corner of the building on wheels.  We were talking tonight about how we've gone from 2400 sq. ft. to whatever it is here in the motorhome, and the fact that we're happy in here.  As long as I have my space, all shabby chic, I'm good.  Yes, I have a silk rose vine hanging over the bedroom window, and some small "shabby" things inside our home on wheels, and hubby is okay with it.  Thank goodness!  I don't know that I could let go of those little things that really make me happy, in my soul. 
I mean, of course, I could if I HAD to!  Like if the world came to turmoil, and we were struggling to get from day to day.  You know I'm not talking about that, right?  I pray that never happens, because I would be seen sneaking from dark corner to stretched out behind a piller dragging my silk rose vine!  Yes, I would!
It's amazing to me that we can make this "us thing" work in such a little space.  We're still working on those "little" things, that really p*** us off!  There is a song by Robert Earl Keen that speaks to this very issue, so very well.  I'll have to try to post the song.  We can ALL recognize ourselves in that song if we're honest!
I awoke this morning to that flock of wild turkeys "gobbling" under my bedroom window!  I had to laugh out loud!!!  Just made me so happy!  Yes, they really do say GOBBLE!  Not only awakening to turkeys, but to crows and hoot owls! 
Man!  I love it here!


  1. I'm looking forward with curiosity to the song. I don't think that I know it. One of the things about living alone is that I only have myself to p*** off! Mind you I occasionally manage it nevertheless.

  2. I love your blue and white bowl!

  3. Somehow we have never stayed at Morgan Hill... looking at your photos I think we need to check that park out!

  4. Dave & Lori, the thing about Morgan Hill is that it doesn't have sewer hookups. There is a dump station, of course, but they also have a honey-bucket truck that, for $15 will come and get your stuff. We've stayed here many times, but not for any length of time before where it would be an issue. We're here 3 weeks this time. We like the park enough that we'll pay the $15. :)