Friday, December 10, 2010

After the Rain

After the rain, everyone was out lookin' for a little something to eat. 
Dark-eyed Junco
Stellar's Jay
I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the pattern on his back. They're so beautiful.
It's hard to see them all in this picture, but I counted close to 50 crows in the tree next to the motorhome.
These jokers create quite the cacophony of calls first thing in the morning.

On another note, Wilson comes home today!  I've missed him, although I have to say it's been nice having a little extra room in the building on wheels.  I'm a little nervous about him coming home, only because I know how much work it's going to be to keep up on the training.  I worry that I'll screw up what he's learned somehow.  I'm such a pushover and he knows it. 


  1. Gorgeous photos of the birds! Crows are a pest here, and they make such a racket at the end of day too, when they choose to roost at certain big tree which they have made a home.

  2. We don't get wild turkeys here and I've never heard of the beautiful little Junco. I'm not terribly keen on the Crows but then, hey, I don't expect they think much of me either.

  3. Hope everything is going well with Wilson. It must be nice to have him home to snuggle. All of the pictures are wonderful.