Friday, December 3, 2010

Morgan Hill

I watched motorhome after motorhome, trailer after trailer, fifth wheel after fifth wheel, leave the RV park in Scotts Valley over the last couple of months.  Yes, I felt envy and a big time desire for it to be US leaving the park, and move on.  Not because I haven't enjoyed being with family and revisiting the awesome restaurants (Tacos Moreno!), because I have.  I have missed those people and have loved being with them!  But we've had issues with the motorhome, an ongoing volatile situation with the RV repair shop, and some depression for me surrounding my Mom's death in August.
It was finally our turn to leave last Wednesday and travel "over the hill," inland, to the Thousand Trails in Morgan Hill.  I'll have to take some pictures to post what it looks like at this time of year.  The photo in this post is from early fall a couple of years ago. 
Now, the ground is damp and covered in the biggest leaves I have ever seen in my life!  Wait til I show you!  Within an hour of arriving here, we saw gobs of crows (one of my favorite birds), two big flocks of wild turkeys, a jack rabbit, and deer.  Yes, I love this place.  I have really missed the wildlife that I had so close in AZ.  There are several huge sycamore trees around the fenced-in dog run that is just alive with birds.  So many different songs and sounds.  It's like being in South America, or an aviary.  It's very soothing to sit on the bench while Shasta noses around and just listen.  I put bird food out this afternoon to see if I could coax some of those birds to my "yard!"


  1. Sorry to hear you have been having problems with the RV repair shop. At the end of the days those problems are solvable (or should it be soluble). I can empathise with your being depressed about issues with your Mum's death. Thoughts of those who have passed on may never leave us completely but I sincerely hope that the feelings of depression for what has happened will eventually turn to feelings of joy in celebration of the positive things and memories of a life that was lived for so many years.

  2. I'm sure you're right about the feelings of depression turning to feelings of joy in celebration of the positive things.
    Thank you, GB, for your thoughts and good wishes.