Monday, December 27, 2010

Bye bye San Diego!

The water was smooth as glass this morning.  Sea World is on that other shore.
Full sun this morning! Just beautiful!
I can see why daughter has chosen to live in San Diego for 20 years...
PTO Spline:
Change in plans.
There is a gear in the transmission that gets no lubrication in a Country Coach motorhome. It has come to light that this will, at about 50,000 miles, create all kinds of problems. Okay, #%@*!, we'll get it fixed now (a piece put on that will lubricate this gear) before we REALLY get out on the road. So we traveled back up to the San Bernadino area
to have that part put on. Looks pretty doesn't it? However, that is not where we are spending the night. We are parked in the back, in the alley, of the truck repair shop, close to the freeway, a railroad and a party restaurant, that will do the work.
We're hoping to be outta here by noon tomorrow to beat the next winter storm coming through tomorrow night!
By the way, Hubby is 65 years old.  He had a phone call from his HIGH SCHOOL football coach to wish him Merry Christmas!  How cool is that?!?  He calls every Christmas and every birthday...every year!


  1. That is pretty cool! May your New Year be grand and beautiful!

    Irish Gumbo

  2. Beautiful! As I sit here freezing, looking at the snow that is definitely wearing out it's welcome!

  3. Oh, look at those mountains!!!! Lovely photos...hope all went well with the repair and that you made it out before the storm.
    Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!
    ;^) (VERY cool about the phone call!)

  4. What an incredibly mixed post. Beautiful scenery with the sun this time! Bad news and then a lovely touch at the end. Life's never dull that's for sure.