Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Tuesday

Playing in the garden...
These guys don't seem to have much fear of people.  The first day we set up here, there was a large bunny nosing around these bushes, and I do mean large.  He looked like a cottontail, but big, with one ear that hung down.  Possibly someone's pet.  I was hoping he would be an everyday visitor, but so far...nope.
On another garden note, I broke down and bought a hanging basket of petunias. I was longing for them. Yes, really, longing.  A little touch of home on the road.
I was looking for the light purple, Sugar Daddy I think they call them.  But no.  This was the only pretty good looking pot of petunias in the little Wally World here in Livingston. They're not perfect, but with a little TLC they should be gorgeous. They already smell great. And, speaking of smelling great, we got a sweet basil & a thai basil plant yesterday too. Probably should have bought a cilantro plant too since we use it on everything. Anyone have any tips on how to keep cilantro for more than a day or two in the fridge?


  1. Love the petunia! I prefer the dark purple ones myself.

    I put cilantro, stems down, in a small jar with an inch or two of water in it, then set the whole thing in the fridge.

  2. So we both have critters around this week! I keep meaning to plant herbs in windowsill pots, but always say, "I'll do it tomorrow."

  3. The petunias do add a cheery touch. I wrap cilantro in a paper towel and store it in in a ziplock bag. I don't know if it makes it keep longer, but when it rots and turns liquid, it doesn't get all over my veggie drawer :)

  4. Try keeping cilantro like cut flowers in a quart jar with a couple of inches of water in the bottom. Cut the stems so the cap can be screwed on. It should last a while.

  5. Pretty petunias!! They are such happy flowers to have around.

  6. Very pretty flowers. I have pansies hanging around my porch...but you knew that, didn't you? :)

    As I write, that mama bird is peering out at me from the remains of the pot I can't water. The baby birds should be here soon!