Sunday, May 22, 2011

All God's Creatures Sunday

Lakes in Texas seem to have lots of turtles. And I mean LOTS of turtles.
This guy is probably around 8-10" across. There are also some big fish along the shoreline that have very long snouts and appear to be laying eggs. No idea what they are at this point. I'll have to take the better camera down there. Maybe I can catch a lucky shot.

Lake Tawakoni
The reservoir's primary purpose is to provide a municipal and industrial water supply for the surrounding communities and the City of Dallas. With a shoreline of approximately 200 miles, stretching through Hunt, Rains, and Van Zandt counties, Lake Tawakoni provides water-oriented recreation for much of central northeast Texas.

There are no natural lakes in Texas; they are all man-made.  Considering how hot and humid it gets here, I think it was a good idea.
The Grackles have been having a blast bathing in the puddles!  The sun has managed to come out today with just an occasional puff of cloud sliding by.  91* with 36% humidity.  40% chance of thunderstorms tonight.

If you're brave enough, click on this link to see a Giant communal spider web at Lake Tawakoni State Park.  EW!

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  1. There are many turtles here, too. Sometimes my mother and dad throw food scraps to them (into the creek below the deck at their house.) There was a pond at their first home in Oklahoma. There were so many turtles that Dad called it "Turtle Meat City." It made my little girls giggle. ;^) Still makes me giggle...I don't know why...oh, I remember's because that was his form of threatening punishment for ornery behavior... "Straighten up or I'll throw you in Turtle Meat City." ;^- Weird. I know. ;^)