Monday, May 2, 2011

Bird Brains

After taking Hubby to the airport in Houston, I didn't drive the truck for a couple of days.  On the third morning, I started to take Shasta out for a walk and noticed that the mockingbirds had been very busy again.  This time it was a new pair and they had their eye on the perfect place (or so they thought) to build a nest.
Knowing that I was going to be leaving later on that day to pick Hubby up at the airport, I had to pull all of the twigs out before they got too comfortable. What was so fascinating about the beginnings of their nest, was that the foundation twigs had been worked down in to the tread of the tire! Pretty smart, I'd say! That nest was not going anywhere in the wind!
Off Shasta & I went for about a quarter mile, then came back to find that the birds had begun to rebuild. Poor things.
Again, I pulled the twigs out, and upon my next outing noticed that they were quite determined that this would be their new home.
Okay, I'll take the truck for a spin around the park, and when I got back, the two of them were waiting by the pile of twigs.
Then I had a brainstorm. After Shasta's walk I had a plastic bag of doggie poop that I placed on top of the tire. Sure enough, I had ruined the neighborhood, and they moved on. They probably flew off insulted!


  1. Stubborn birds! And smart thinking on your part! LOL :D

  2. Well that was a clever way to get rid of your birds!

  3. Those are some smart builder birdies!

  4. I'd never have thought of that deterrent. Birds cane be very determined though when it comes to nesting time.