Saturday, May 7, 2011

Black Vulture

Bird nut that I am, I was very excited when I saw this black vulture next to the road.
Shasta was sitting in the passenger seat wondering if I was going to let her get up close and personal with this fellow.  She didn't make a peep, but was so tuned in that she was devouring him with her eyes.
After getting my shot, I noticed a car coming up behind me, so had to move on. As I looked over my other shoulder in the other direction, I saw a whole flock of these guys just hanging out next to the road!
The black vultures have white on the underside of the wing feathers, but only on the tips, unlike the turkey vultures that have white feathers running the length of their under wings.
We've been so busy with work that I've not had a chance to spend much time in blogworld.  I hope you all are well!


  1. They're ugly things aren't they?!

  2. Ha ha! That's so funny, Pam. I was thinking how beautiful he was! LOL! I did say I was a bird NUT, didn't I?

  3. He reminds me of a be-wigged judge of olden days (mind you some of our judges still wear wigs). I'm not sure, bird nut though I am too, that I'd describe him as beautiful. 'Imposing' would be my word I think.

  4. Whoa!
    I dont think I have ever seen one up close like that!
    Very Interesting Looking arnt they?