Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Miss my Computer AND my Hubby!

I have been without my laptop for a couple of days.  Hubby took it with him on his working travels.  He left me with his computer, but it is set up so differently than mine, I can't even figure out how to download photos on his.  Also, I've been without internet for most of the day.  Bummer. 

I woke up to 74*, 96% humidity weather, and no internet.  Quickly, the temps rose to almost 90*, and Shasta was looking for her doggie daddy.  Upset, she was.  Pacing, going to the door, and once outside, wanting to get in the truck!  She is definitely a little creature of habit. 

We also had another interesting development this morning, but I'll wait until I get my laptop back tomorrow to post about it, and what I had to do to remedy it.  :)


  1. I would miss my computer too, but no hubby...that's the worst! I hope he'll be home soon.

  2. Hope computer gets home soon! Well as everyone else was concerned about Hubby I thought I'd even things up a bit. Actually as I'm a bit late posting this they are probably both home!