Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garden Tuesday

When we arrived here in Lake Conroe Thousand Trails the other day, this was our view.
We like to sit off by ourselves a bit. We do our best communicating in the early evening, sitting outside, discussing the kids, work, and our life. So a little space from everyone else is a good thing.

When we got up the next morning and looked outside, I was surprised at the difference in the view!
No, we didn't have anyone closer to us, but now we had flowers everywhere. By afternoon they were gone again, closed to the heat of the day, but back again in the morning.
I've noticed that in the grass is plenty of clover flowers; remember the kind that you had to be careful running through barefoot as a kid because you could get stung by a bee? No honey bees here. Not one bee anywhere. That's disturbing.

On a happier note, please check out Garden Tuesday over at Sidewalk Shoes!


  1. I was happy to notice honeybees all over my wildflowers this spring, so that is positive.

  2. What a wonderful surprise, these are!! So pretty. I just love simple, pure, yellow flowers like this :)

  3. What a cheerful surprise!
    Such darling little flowers.
    That is curious about the bees......

  4. Wonterful photos !!!!
    I and my husband we love so much the camping !!!
    The flowers are beautiful suprise !!!

  5. The bees have been disappearing for a few years now. It's not a good sign for our planet. Such beautiful, petite flowers to greet you!

  6. So sweet and pretty! I love nature's little gifts.

  7. What a wonderful difference the flowers make to the scene and to our life in general. No bees. That doesn't auger well.

  8. Stopping by from Garden Tuesday, I always enjoy seeing where you might be! Those little flowers are very pretty, very nice.