Sunday, April 3, 2011

All God's Creatures Sunday

I can't believe how many cardinals are in this area!
So many, that it's like living in a fairytale where, of course, all of the birds would be bright red!
They are very busy building nests in the thicket behind the motorhome.

Coming out of the activity center at the park the other day, I noticed a male cardinal flying at the side mirror on our truck. They're very territorial during mating season, and will attack another male in their "hood." I'm sure he's exhausted by the end of the day! He can never get rid of that other bird in the mirror!

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!


  1. I swear the cardinals say, "pretty, pretty, pretty!"

  2. So many different calls, and we swear we hear some like, "the bird, the bird," or "squishy, squishy, squishy."

  3. You see Lisa I might see Paradise Shelducks but I certainly don't see Cardinals! Splendid plumage they have.

  4. Cardinals are so beautiful! I love this post, Lisa. It's great to have a camara that you can zoom in on them so well! ;^) They are very skittish around here, so I can never manage to get close enough for great photos. I love their call, too. At any point during the day, when I have a moment to sit on my porch, I can hear them. ;^) (Providing the little neighbor boys are not terrorizing the neighborhood on their four-wheelers!) ;^) I love the cardinal moments. ;^)