Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Arrived safe and sound in Conroe, TX.  Very different landscape here.  Still very green at the moment, but with many more trees.  You know I'll be sharing those photos with you.

But for now, and why I'm so thankful.  Yes, because we arrived safely, but also because I was driving and had to get in to a left lane in a hurry (well, as much of a hurry as you can in a 40' building, towing a full sized truck).  As I was moving over, a motorcycle sped by me on the left.  I DID NOT SEE HIM ANYWHERE!  I realized what an awful disaster I had barely avoided.  Thank you God!



  1. Oh Shabby Girl, I am sure that is not you. Glad it was avoided though.

  2. Oh don't those moments just chew you up inside. The A pillar of my car often blocks pedestrians and motorcyclists from view and I have to be very careful but even so am occasionally given an untimely reminder.

    Love your new neighbour!

  3. This happens to many of us, you're not alone....and you're not an ass, either, my wonderful friend :) but I do like your picture, very much.