Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Saguaro Park

The Escapees RV park that we are staying in has a beautiful little walk at the edge of the rv park and the great big wide-open desert. 
It's full of plants that are native to the desert. They've done a wonderful job of landscaping & labeling. This also presented the perfect opportunity to show you some photos of them.
My favorite prickly pear!
The colder it gets, the more purple they turn!

You can almost picture these bunnies, can't you?

Cow's Tongue cactus.

There are several Saguaros in the pathway, and someone has named them.
This one, Sheba, has a second sign that says, circa 1870!

Another, cactus condo!
I'm sure there are birds living in every one of those holes!

Speaking of birds...a Palo Verde tree with nest.
Notice the green trunk and branches.  During the summer, it has the most beautiful spring green leaves.

Three nests in this one Cholla!
I wonder if they are roadrunner nests because of their size?

That's it for today. I'll post more tomorrow AFTER MY DRIVING LESSON!!!

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  1. All of these pictures are beautiful. My favorite is the Queen's Wreath. How do those holes get in the cactus?? Doesn't it kill them eventually? It's good that they put up name signs in front of the cactus.