Sunday, February 20, 2011

All God's Creatures Sunday

I haven't run in to any creatures this week in my wanderings, so I went back through some old photos.  This was taken in St. David, AZ a couple of years ago.  A Dragonfly, but what kind?  I remember he hung around the campsite for most of the afternoon, flitting from branches to car antenna. 

Speaking of creatures, I was sitting in the truck waiting for Hubby to do his daily grocery run, (I hate going in to the store every single day), watching the pigeons, grackles, and doves in the parking lot.  I think they live in their own little worlds, conscious only of their own kind.  Yeah, they have to scurry to get out of our way, or spend time picking away at the grills on the autos for bugs, but it's really just all about them.  It made me laugh to watch how oblivious they were to the shoppers and how they seemed to just be interested in one another, who had what to eat, or who might be their new girlfriend! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. That "shopping" would be interesting to observe. Great picture to share.

  2. I can't stand going to the store all of the time, either...and I don't live in an R.V. :) Sometimes, on Saturdays, Ray will go for me.

    I love watching the birds, they are in their own little world and I think of how wonderful that would be....sometimes....just to be a bird ♥

  3. I love Dragonflies!
    I also love grocercy shopping, but thats because I only get to town maybe once every 4-5 weeks, so to be out away from the farm is always a treat:)
    Have a great Monday!

  4. That is a wonderful dragonfly picture, Lisa. I am fascinated because I've never seen a red one. I've been trying to name it but I haven't so far managed to even find a fully red one from the Northern Hemisphere. However I know a person who may know what it is.

    As for the other creatures just being interested in their own little worlds you have made me think. In many ways we humans are like that for most of the time but we are also a very curious creature: some more than others.