Sunday, February 13, 2011

All God's Creatures Sunday

On my old blog, a fish's beach wishes, I used to post unusual creatures on Sundays.  Sometimes the creatures were creepy (scorpions, tarantulas), sometimes very sweet (bunnies).  Arizona is good for finding wildlife photos.  We'll see if I can find enough unusual things to continue the Sunday feature.

This morning on Shasta's morning constitutional, she flushed something out of an oleander bush.  I heard the wings flutter, and when we got to the other side of the bush, here stood this little roadrunner.  He didn't run, and actually just stood in the sunshine for a good half hour.  He looks like a baby doesn't he?  All fuzzy with pin feathers.  Odd time of year for a baby I would think.

I hope your day is filled with sunshine and happy.


  1. Wow!!! I have never seen a roadrunner except in the cartoon!! Remember Beep Beep? I am a birdwatcher, so I just love this!! He does look like a baby, but the season is not right. Could it be a molting adult?

  2. He acted like a baby. Normally, a roadrunner is very active, running around looking for lizards and bugs to eat. But this little guy was just standing around like he didn't know what to do. He's cute though, isn't he?

  3. He does look like a baby. A cute baby!

  4. Very know I love roadrunners...and I've never seen a baby one!

  5. Oh,my!
    How Sweet!
    I have never seen a baby roadrunner before!
    How darling it is!

  6. The only Roadrunner photos I've seen were on your old blog and now a youngster - wonderful.