Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Window View

This is the view from our front window.  The Mule mountains in the foreground and the Dragoons in the backround.  Throughout the day, the mountains off in the distance change color and mood.  Unfortunately, I've been too busy to document that change. 

Oh my Lord!  CRAZY WINDY here today!  We've been working all week long to get things buttoned up in Sierra Vista, AZ so that we could leave tomorrow, heading for TX.  Made some TV commercials, met with clients, reworked the inside of the motorhome to decide what can go in to storage while we're in the same town as said storage, and scanning family photos so that I can leave the originals in storage as well.

Then we checked the weather...  !#@*^%!  Wind.  Not just a little wind.  LOTS OF WIND!  And not just for the day.  ALL WEEK LONG!  Well, we've decided to stay here one more day, then do the best we can on a daily basis to get to our next destination in Texas.  I cannot wait (!) to show you pictures of that place!  We'll be there for 3 weeks, amidst 80* weather, along a lake, with deer!  Oh, heaven for me! 
So excited to actually begin our journey.  Chomping at the bit, as a matter of fact.  But, as much as we want to get on the road, our mamma's didn't raise no dummies.  Monday shows much better travelling weather!