Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Checking In

We've been pretty busy this last week.  We spent a few days in Casa Grande, AZ visiting friends.  Then left (me driving) and headed for Sierra Vista.  I drove through Tucson, and at one point I told Hubby "I don't want to do this!  I wanna get off the highway!"  There were cars and big trucks on all sides of me and I was definitely scared!  But I couldn't get off because of all the traffic (40' of mh, + hitch, + Tundra) and it takes a lot of room to move over.  Needless to say, I drove on through.  We're still alive. 

It has been our intention to go to Texas to register the mh, get TX licenses, and become residents of TX.  We just found out that in order to register and drive the mh in TX, you need a class B license (bus).  Now, I wouldn't mind taking the driving test in the mh as long as Hubby was in here with me, but he won't be.  Just the DMV person.  Yeah, I'll suck it up and do it, but I'll be practicing driving through towns first!  And I will not be towing the Tundra for the test so that will help. 

Off to have lunch with a good friend of mine.  Turns out, since we're back in AZ we have several new commercials to make and lots to do.  Hopefully we'll be back on the road in a couple of weeks. 


  1. We have an interstate like that here, Rt. 81, and most of the time you are completly surrounded by 18 wheelers. There are a lot of accidents on that route, and I prefer to go around the longer scenic way and avoid the scare!! Well, being a new follower, I guess I'm really out of it. Where do you live? You are moving to Texas? Do live in the mh and travel all the time?? I don't really see a profile about you. I'm guessing you are retired and lovig to travel now.

  2. Ginny- We're originally from CA, but 7 ir 8 yrs ago moved to AZ. We sold our house and just went fulltime in the mh last Aug., but so far have only gone back to CA to see family, and are currently back in AZ before we head east. We're going to become TX residents because the mh registration is cheaper. We'll continue to travel for as long as it's still fun. Can't wait to see some new ground starting at the end of this month! (I thought my profile was at the bottom of the page, but maybe not! Ha! I'll have to look. :)

  3. You're coming to Texas?!?! COOL!!!!

    I'm in Fort Worth! :)

    I love your new blog, and how exciting, you guys just traveling all over the good ol' US of A. :)