Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday's Beach Day

Does this cement ship look familiar?  It was the header photo on my old blog, from the other side of the ship.  This is the beach where we spent so much time when we lived here before; Seacliff Beach. 
We got married on this beach.
Hubby and I got down to the beach around 8 a.m., worried that all of the covered picnic tables would be taken.  That's what you have to do in the summer.  In fact, mid summer, if you're not down there by 6:00 or 6:30, you're out of luck.  We needn't have worried this day.  Cold, foggy, LOL!  So we were down there for 4 hours, alone, breathing in all that sea air!
Boys playing sand football.
Robyn & Doogie, just kickin' back. Isn't it hilarious? She said he sits like that all the time!
Sun came out, the air warmed up, and it was a beautiful day!


  1. I've not actually been on Seacliffe Beach but I've been on similar ones in CA to the North of San Franscico and their length and the sunsets just blow me away. I love the sea.

    Because of family interests San Jose meant more to me as a child in some ways than many places in the UK.

  2. Isn't that amazing??? I don't know much about San Jose, but was born in SF and spent most of my life in the Santa Cruz area.
    I'd love to hear your story sometime!