Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Sunday

It has been raining steadily for about 20 hours now.  The clouds are low in the redwoods, and there is a riverlet of water running down the asphalt in front of the motorhome.
Ordinarily, this much rain could produce some cabin fever or a bout of melancholy.  But this is the kind of rain that we dreamed of in Arizona.  Having grown up in this area of CA, this is what I'm used to in the winter; a steady rain that seems to go on and on. 
This makes me happy today.  All cozied up in our little metal house on wheels, two warm dogs stretched out across the floor, and Hubby content to relax today.  The only thing that would make it even better would be a big pot of Chicken Tortilla Stew slowly cooking on the stove.   I'll be planning that the next storm that comes through.  :)
I've pulled out some yarn that I brought with me and crocheted myself a warm, fluffy scarf to wear when we go out on the boat to scatter my Mom's ashes on Saturday.  It'll probably be raining then too.  I've also unpacked some knitting needles to play around with today, just to see if I remember how to knit.  A perfect day for it.  I used to knit quite a bit back in the 70's.  And bake bread from scratch.  In high school I had dreams of living in a little house tucked deep in the redwoods, being a little earth mama.  As I grew older I realized that a little house tucked deep in the redwoods is a very dark house.  And I LOVE windows and light!  Maybe that's why I love this motorhome so all the way around and plenty of light.
Anyway, I'm trying hard not to do too much thinking about anything of importance today.  Just enjoy the patter of rain on the roof and the contentment within. 


  1. Like you I love big skies and, whilst I also love trees, big skies win every time.

    In the Hebrides we have long dark winter nights and many people start suffering from SADS. In the days before I lived my UK winters in New Zealand I just used to hunker down for the winter and do 'winter things'.

    As for rain: there is something very therapeutic in listening to it on the windows provided, that is, one doesn't have to go out and work in it.

  2. It sounds like a lovely day.