Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26th

October 26th:  my son, Scott's, birthday.

23 yrs old today.  Yep, I remember that day he was born, physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.  Driving to the hospital, taking his brother to Grammie's house for the night.  By the time we finished the drive, 10 miles, to the hospital, I could not have handled one more right or left turn in that car.  Straight was okay for a few minutes more, but no more turns!  The arrival at the hospital was a whirlwind of activity and within 30 minutes I was gazing into his eyes!
He drove to the motorhome this morning and we went to lunch together, then spent the afternoon together.  I'm so happy to be here in the area to spend time with him.  He is a loving man that, even though he's not a touchy, feely sort, he lets you know that he loves you.  Such a blessing.

October 26th:  my brother's birthday.

This particular brother, who is the closest in age to me, has always been so very supportive of me.  He hasn't always been in touch (I haven't either), but I've always known that when things got really hard, I could count on him when he absolutely needed to be there.  I so appreciate him (and his wife, Marcia).  They have been good to me.  :)
I called him tonight to razz him about being old (older than me :)  He expects it by now.  He calls me a punk.  Next year is a big one for him and I, naturally, will, without a doubt, continue to harrass him.  What is a little sister for after all???

October 26th, my mother's birthday.

True, she didn't see this one with us.  Hard to believe for me.  Even when she was struggling, I still told myself that she would make it through it, again.   It's been a strange day in that respect.  I miss her.  I find that when I was looking for cards for my son & brother, I thought to look for a card for her.  So many little things I would have found for her.  I think so often of things to tell her that she would crack up over.  I haven't dialed her phone number, but have thought to call her many times.  I know that so many people know this feeling already, but it's new to me. 
After a weekend of really rainy weather, today was cool, but sunny, and considering that we are going to scatter her ashes on Saturday (weather will be rainy again), I thought about what a good day today would have been for that.  But as it is my son's & brother's birthdays as well, I'm sure they would not want to remember this event with their birthday.  We'll hope for a ray of sunshine at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Who will be next in the family to have a birthday on this day?  Who can tell???


  1. That's something...all three with the same birthday. This was wonderful to share in your memories!! Funny, my brother used to call me "punk kid" for the longest time...he doesn't do that anymore...hmmm.

    About your mom, I wondered how long it would take before those natural urges slipped away from me and I hadn't even realized they did, until I read this and remembered :)

    Love you.

  2. How wonderful that so many people shared that birthday, and yes, it's saddened by your mom, but I also think of the joy she must have felt sharing a birthday with her son and grandson.