Saturday, October 2, 2010

3% Chance of Rain

Why bother mentioning it?  Why not just say it's not going to rain?

Except that around 4:00 in the morning I heard the most beautiful sound; sprinkles hitting the motorhome.  Yes, even sprinkles make a melody on metal roofs, and different places on the motorhome create different sounds.  I layed there trying to separate out which areas produced higher pitched notes, compared to other areas that made rather flat tones. 

Then it came to me.  It sounds like a xylophone!  In my mind I could picture the little rubber tipped mallet striking up and down the scales.  Really, it was so pleasant and peaceful that I was sorry it ended 30 seconds later!  I'll be waiting for the next performance! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I know the sound, although, not quite as close as you would :) We have a tin roof on our house. That is funny for them to mention rain at only 3%...must be that the 3% happened to dance on your roof top.

  2. I hear the rain on my conservatory roof and the roof of the study both of which are double skinned cavity polycarbonate - great for heat insulation but really noisy in the rain.

    In NZ the Cottage has a tin roof but the modern insulation is so good I don't hear it in the Cottage. However on the deck the noise can be substantial.

    And I love the sound of rain. I always have done.

    Some years ago when I had a notice board in the kitchen I'd written on it 'Happiness is dancing naked in the warm rain'. It is but these days I would add 'on a deserted beach on a dark night!'

  3. Heather, do you like that rain pitter-patting on your roof? Or does it get old after a while?

  4. LOL GB! I hear ya! Ha ha, even on a deserted beach on a dark night, I would probably be worried! Isn't that a shame?!?

  5. Ooh! A new look and blog! I like it. You always have such nice photos.

    I like your parallel between 'salt' and 'trust/friendship', in your comment on "Aleutian Heart". Very true! :)


  6. ha! 3 percent is hardly worth mentioning indeed, but glad you heard the beautiful sound of rain on your rooftop!