Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just a few things I've been working on

Brycie's Bear. He's knit with Lion Brand Eyelash yarn. The pattern can be found at Craftsy.com under Gypsycream.
I'll have to start on one for Lexi, as well. Hers will be made with a green fuzzy yarn. Brycie's bear took a while to make, although it's a fairly easy pattern, because I was busy making these for my daughter's friend, who's getting married.
I think they were going to sit on the gift table at the shower. I also finished these.
I would never have imagined I could make socks! And if I can do it, anybody can. They're knitted with a washable wool blend, so they're toasty warm. Now I just have to wait for winter to wear them.  I may try a little fancier pattern next time. Hehehe.
I made up a few dish cloths just so I could try out some new-to-me stitches. This next one I made when the opportunity to give a gift card came around. It's called a Gift Card-igan.
It was fun to make, and easy peasy. It's a free pattern on ravelry.com. I'm finding that I really love knitting these days. There was a time 25 years ago when I made a few sweaters, then I was done. For a long time. I think with all of the online videos to help with how-tos, there will always be a knitting challenge for me. :)

Tomorrow I'll get back to posting more travel photos.


  1. I am always soooo impressed with you! And no, I don't think anyone can do it. You're just talented!!

  2. I want. I want. I want. I want. I want a bear like Brycie's. "Get real GB. You are a grown man." "Yes but I still want a bear like Brycie's!!".

  3. I like the bear!! And the birds!! And...and.. I like it all! Wish I could sit myself still long enough to do such things, but then I'd have no time for my picture taking or fishing or the many other things that these boys keep me moving about in the doing :)

    Love you work!!

    {{I think GB is trying to tell you something}}