Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Chehalis,WA

Still on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, driving down into Rainier.  It's been a beautiful drive today, with lush forests on both sides of the highway.
Both sides of the river had log mills, and amazing piles of logs stacked up. Those are fishing boats on the river.
The Lewis & Clark Bridge over the Columbia.
Halfway across the bridge:

We'll be spending a week at this Thousand Trails in Chehalis, WA. Look at all the ferns & trees! Beautiful! Expecting rain tomorrow, but hoping for some sunny weather in a couple of days to takes photos around the park. After this week we'll head north to the Seattle area for a couple of weeks.


  1. The views you've given from 'inside' the bridge make one realise what a huge amount of steel was used. I have always admired bridge builders - they create some absolutely amazing structures. I've walked across the Golden Gate Bridge several times - the second time just because it was so awesome the first time.

  2. Like GB I find bridges fascinating. There's just something about them that always makes me want to photograph them.