Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday My Town Shootout

Rust, Rusty, Rustic
I've been looking around trying to find anything rusty in Seaside without any luck. Weird since the town is right on the ocean. But it's a busy tourist town, and I have the impression that the townspeople work very hard to keep things looking well kept. No rust. No rustic looking places.

Today we drove to Astoria, OR, which is deep-water port on the mouth of the Columbia River. A very cool & fascinating town.  But back to FMTS!
I'm not sure what this is, but it's something nautical. A weight?
An anchor
Rusty propeller on a dry docked boat
The Astoria-Megler Bridge is a continuous truss bridge that spans the mouth of the Columbia River between Astoria, Oregon and Point Ellice near Megler, Washington, in the United States. The span was the last segment of U.S. Route 101 between Olympia, Washington and Los Angeles, California.[1] It is the longest continuous truss bridge in North America.
I have a sneaking suspicion that there's some rust up there!
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  1. I love the first photo, Lisa, and I've decided that I want to replicate it but I'll have to wait until I'm back in NZ because in the UK all rail lines are fenced off right through the country and access is denied.

  2. Love the railroad tracks and the second photo too. I suspect there's probably rust underneath that bridge too. Very nice selection of rusty things you have collected for this theme.

  3. This looks so much like what I see around here on a short drive. Great shots of nautical rustiness. The tracks look like they're actually used every now and again.

  4. I like that first shot, too - but they're all so clear and neat. That boat propeller! Great finds!!

  5. I love your rail track shot , a nice perspective. I too share a photo of the tract as well in my blog.

  6. Astoria is a blend of cool Victorian houses, and interesting restaurants (pull-eeeeze visit the Columbian Cafe, sit at the counter, and chat with Uriah), but it is always on the verge of rusting away, so I'd say this was a good spot to be for today's shoot-out!! How long will you be in Oregon?

  7. All your photos are fabulous. Love the perspective of the railway line and the clarity of the rusty propellor. I'm amazed at the number of beautiful rusty things I'm seeing this week.

  8. Great series for this subject. They are all wonderfully shot. Love the anchor one especially. Would be a good book jacket cover.

  9. great rust shots! love the train tracks, and they are always rusty aren't they?