Monday, August 1, 2011

Saturday Market

This last Saturday, we wanted to go to the Farmer's Market in Portland, OR (at the Portland State University).  Hubby had had some kind of weird thing (spider bite? insect bite? alien infestation) going on in his finger and was on drugs, so I drove. 
This was some crazy, one-way street, skinny roads, congested areas and, really, as we got close, I almost gave up and drove home.  I am soooo glad we persevered!!!
I have to say that I LOVE (and I realize that I LOVE oh so many things!) farmer's markets; the feel of them, the fresh veggies, and the fresh flowers!!!
Well, Hubby was in charge of the camera Saturday morning, and as I downloaded the photos, it brought to mind how, even though we look at the same scene, we would choose to snap a picture of very different things. Isn't that interesting?
I know he was trying to get a "feel" of the market, but there were so many people (thousands, I'm sure) that the only pics he could get were people shots.
There was a jazz band playing in the food area,
somewhere in here.
All those people, finding a place to park, walking the distance to the market, all to find the freshest veggies, berries, and, yes, Salmon!
We came home with Chinook (King) salmon (incredibly delicious!), loads of fresh berries, fresh greens, and beautiful flowers!
Please, never mind that guy in the backround wearing the A's is ALL about the Giants! Ha!
So, I'm thinking that the next time we go out to take photos (tomorrow), we'll both have cameras...let's see what shots we come home with!!!
BTW, I came home so very happy, having been to that awesome farmer's market!


  1. I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms. I love the markets in France and I haven't been this year yet. It's always interesting to make comparisons when two people set off to interpret things in their own way.

  2. Oh, my what a lovely bouquet!
    Looks like a fun day had by all, except prehaps your alien ridden husband???(I hope he feels better quick!!)
    I love Farmers Markets and Flea Markets.
    Have a great day!

  3. Awesome! I LOVE farmers' markets too. And Flea Markets. And it looks like hubby did just great getting the feel of the market if it was indeed wall to wall people! That's the only bad thing about the market sometimes. You need a certain density of people to make it animated and fun, but too many is just too many.

  4. I love Farmer's Markets! It seems like you have a great assortment of "stuff" there!

    Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your posts.

    ~ Ellen