Wednesday, June 1, 2011


ARE THOSE BULLET HOLES???  Yes, yes they are!
That was taken yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. From Amarillo, TX, we traveled to Raton, NM, working our way in to Colorado. Not much going on in Raton. The RV park we stayed at was clean, but nothing special. But it was just for the night, so, no big deal.
When we got up in the morning, the skies were heavy with clouds and threatening thunderstorms, so we got in to gear early and headed out.
To get to this point, we had to drive over a mountain. It was beautiful, for sure...
But we were glad to get off that mountain. Many signs to watch out for wildlife on the roadway. Elk, bear, deer.  Please, no!
More about coming in to Denver, next time!


  1. Bullet holes, yikes!

    Great photos. Safe traveling to you!

  2. Haha!
    Welcome to the West.
    People shoot up our signs all the time, most of the signs in Idaho and Montana have bullet holes in them.

  3. Looks like shooting signs is a world wide practice. I sometimes wonder if the idiots who do this stop to think that their bullets may just hit someone, who may in the area behind the sign.
    I was once called to take a woman to hospital, who had been hit by a bullet that had been fired from a rifle range, about a mile and a half away. Fortunately the wound was superficial.
    Ever since then I have been more conscious about people who use firearms irresponsibly.