Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday My Town Shootout

All about the F word this week on Friday My Town Shootout.  Because we are on the road, our "town" this week is Verde Valley, AZ.  Well, that and Sedona, AZ.
I was a little worried about coming up with F words, but I found a few.
F, as in feathers...
I have noticed the past two days, that these House Finches are singing like it's, "Hey baby, got nest?" Is it too early for that?  Oh, they do have a beautiful song.

Maybe belonging to a large raccoon?  We've seen deer prints here as well, although never actually seen the deer.

Faces of the desert, painted on the clubhouse walls.
The ubiquitous creasote bush. If you've ever been lucky enough to be in the desert right after a rain, the air is chock full of the aroma of these plants. Once smelled, you'll never forget it!

Then we headed down to Sedona to see a FILM,
and ran in to this Fella!
Heading out of Verde Valley tomorrow morning. Time to move on. Have a great weekend!
For more FMTSO photos, go here!


  1. What a Fabulous collecton of F-photos... Fantastic landscape, and I love that frog. (I have frogs in my post too...)

  2. I loved this presentation! So glad to see you here with such a wonderful batch of photos, my friend. LOVE your froggy friend :)

  3. So many neat F's!
    I have to agree with Dawntreader though, that frog is awesome!!

  4. so you are in my home grounds, lived in Cottonwood / Jerome from 3 yrs to 15. still love to go back to Sedona and the oak creek canyon - don Hoels cabins is where I've stayed. is beautiful there.
    love the faces of the desert walls. very nice.

  5. Love the picture of the canyon, so beautiful! but that frog is cute too.

  6. Those mountains are beautiful! Who needs a film when you have them? But the trip was definately worth it for that big frog, I love him!!!! And I am going back and forth looking at the animal paintings, so very cool!!!! I would not like to run into the creature who made that footprint!! Looks like it has claws for digging and or scratching!

  7. I was fascinated by the Racoon print (front paw?) and the last chap's a real star!

  8. Fantastic Letter F ShootOut! I'd say you had a Fun time Finding F's! Well done!

  9. nice choices of f's! I like all the murals. someone is very talented.