Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Medjool Date Palm

Thousand Trails, Palm Springs is covered with these palm trees.  No, I haven't counted them, but I should.  There might be 500 palm trees in here.
They like it here in the desert.
These trees also bear fruit that is sold in the guard shack.
It wasn't until about our 3rd day here that we started noticing the ladders.  I'm not sure when the harvesting period is, but there's not a date left on any of these trees.

We haven't really had time to check out "things to do" in Palm Springs.  Maybe next time.  We used to hear about Hollywood celebs going to Palm Springs in the 50's & 60's.  Probably great golf and resort type areas that cater to laying around poolside! 

It's been cold here during our stay though; warming up as we get ready to leave in the morning.  There are some crazy people in the pool everyday, whilst I bundle up in layers.  :)  So much time in AZ has left me bloodless I think!


  1. Hope you feel warmer soon! Those pictures are terrific. It must look great in person. Thanks for sharing :) I travel vicariously through you.

  2. Not bloodless, just calibrated to a different state of warmth :) Great pictures of those date palms!

    (P.S.: I don't if I have a book yet...lots of story threads, though! ---IG)

  3. beautiful and very interesting trees. as I have never seen one, but will some day!! love the first shot, all are fantastic!