Friday, January 7, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

of southern California desert.  Miles and miles of open scrub.  The mountains looks barren, but we know they are full of life, and as the light and clouds move across them, the colors change.  The desert is an amazing place. I never thought I'd say that; I'm a trees and ocean kind of gal. 

Boy, we noticed so many REALLY bad drivers on the road today.  Maybe not BAD drivers, but certainly drivers making REALLY poor decisions.  Like trying to go as fast as you can changing lanes to get one car length ahead, squeezing between two cars and two semi's.  Okay, yes, BAD drivers.  Or the ones flying down the road at 75 mph, coming up behind a slower car and riding that car's tail with no more than 5 ft between.  And what was even worse, we watched all of the cars behind them line up at 5' intervals trying to get around the big trucks.  One blowout from one of those trucks and all of those cars are dead.  Oh!  Here's another thing!  When you find yourself in a hurry to get in front of a big rig or an rv because you don't want to get stuck behind them, remember that it takes us longer to stop & slow down than it does for you.  On ramps are notorious for that.  Don't try to race in front of me onto the freeway.  We all want to get to our destination safely.

I was happy to see this sign today.  I'm hoping it means that things will smooth themselves out for us; moving on.  Yes, we're backtracking, but by the middle of February we should be on to new sights!  What is kind of stopping us at this point is an RV Boot Camp, that will be held in Wickenburg, AZ the end of January.  We'll learn everything we should know about maintenance on the mh.  Hopefully we'll learn preventative things that will keep us out of trouble on the road.  Who knows, I may even learn to drive it!


  1. Sensible advice for the wreckless of mind who jepordise others safety for their own cranky paces!

    Thank you. Love love, Andpersu. SKY...

  2. I often wonder what possesses people to tailgate and overtake recklessly and then I realise that accidents only happen to other people. Yeah right. When will they ever learn.

  3. those kind of drivers are everywhere! one of my pet peeves is people that ride your butt and think that is going to make me speed up. rv boot camp? that is one I have not heard of before. must be fun!

  4. More incredible pictures! Drive safe!