Monday, January 17, 2011

On the Needles

I'm really enjoying this new hat.  Well, I was really enjoying it, until, I managed to slip most of the stitches off of the needle while I answered the phone!  #*@!*$+%#!!!!  This is a very new pattern for me and I had to keep going online to figure out how to do the stitches.  So, to lose a gob of these rows was, to say the least, devastating! Ha!
But, I can, on occasion, be pretty bull-headed, and just put my head down, charge forward and figure out how to go back far enough to catch a full row of stitches.  Yeah, the hard (or new) stitches were lost, but in reality, those same stitches were much easier the second time!  LOL!
A wonderful friend of mine suggested knitting in some vintage lace.  I love it!  I wish I was better at this, to make it really good.  But it's cool learning new things and by the time I'm done, I'll have it down!
I'll post a pic when I'm done.  :)


  1. It'll come as no surprise to know that I'm not a knitter (although I did knit a long school scarf as a child) but I appreciate your post as a way of learning just a little bit more about the person.

  2. Doh! I just hate losing stitches when knitting complicated patterns. Have to tear down forever to get to a recognisable row. Looking forward to this 'done!' picture!

  3. I've taken up knitting lately and love it. Jillian did manage to undo some of my stitches when I left it unattended. I have to guard those needles!! Looking forward to seeing the picture when you're all done.

  4. Argh!
    I have done that a few times,and it doesnt matter how many years you have been knitting,panic strikes! (even though it is usually easily fixed:)
    Love the blue, Cant wait to see it when its finished!