Saturday, January 29, 2011

AZ Gorgeous

I have to say that I am, frankly, surprised at how much I've missed Arizona. I had no idea!  I've always considered myself a California girl, and proud of it!  No river or lake could compare to the ocean.  Ever!

However, since arriving back in this state, I'm finding a wonderful peace, even without an ocean.  I'm watching the colors wash across the mountains off in the distance this evening, and am reminded of the true beauty of this state.  Now...if the ocean was here in Arizona?  Perfection!!!


  1. I have only been to Arizona once,But I have to agree that there is a strange beauty to the place.
    And its almost addictive.
    I recently had a friend just visit there, when she got back home,she sold her house and packed up her family.
    She said once she saw the place she knew she could never leave it.

  2. Well, I would guess they are kind of two extremes? Each so wonderful and different in mood and scene! It would be hard to choose, so cool that you have been both places!

  3. I'm looking forward to learning more of Arizona as you travel around. I've never been and it seems unlikely that I ever will visit. So I will enjoy seeing it through your eyes and lens.

  4. Love hearing about Arizona from you. Sounds beautiful and peaceful :)