Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What I've been up to

Trying to get this finished. Through all of my mistakes and learning all about stitches, frogging (ripping out), lifelines, and blocking, I sweated, swore, panicked, and, frankly, worried all the way through this.
But I did get through it, learned some valuable lessons, and am pleased with the results. This has been sent off today as a thank you gift for the woman that did the first edit on Hubby's book.
We're sitting in northern Oregon at this point, enjoying the coast, the beachy little town, and licking our Shasta wounds. It's getting better, but I miss that little face so much.
We'll probably take the next month moving around Oregon, for pleasure along the ocean, but also getting some clean up work done on the BOW (building on wheels) from last year. Small stuff. Then on down into California! By the time we get back to Santa Cruz, my boys will have moved to CO. :(  So that will be a flight back there to do our catching up!
I'll have to post some pictures of my sweet grandbabies, Lexi & Brycie. Oh my Lord, they are soooo stinking cute!


  1. Gorgeous!
    Usually when I'm knitting I pick stuff where if I make a mistake I can just leave it. It's, uhhh, personalized that way!

  2. Can't wait to see those grandbabies pictures!!! Love their names too! You did an awesome job with your beautiful project :)

    Happy travels and looking forward to your next post.

  3. Like septembermom, I'm looking forward to pictures of the youngsters.

    Ah, frogging! How is it that sometimes one manages to unpick more stitches than one put in? :-D

  4. Its beautiful!
    Remember, you are the only one who sees the mistakes, everyone else just sees a beautiful work of art.
    I adore the Oregon Coast, so lovely:)

  5. I get over the problem of frogging, Lisa, by not doing it in the first place. It looks waaaaay to hard.