Monday, September 10, 2012

New Rules

Just a little clean up from my last post...the new regulation in Bellingham and Seattle...plastic bags are AGAINST THE LAW. Yes, for reals, there are no more plastic shopping bags allowed in any grocery store, or any other store, for that matter, in these cities. And if you want any bag at all? It will be a paper bag, for the meager price of 5 cents a bag! Of course, not knowing any of this walking in to Walmart, "No, I will not give you 5 cents for a paper bag." "Okay, here you go."

Here's what's weird. Yes, I was shopping for a dress for the funeral, and when I finally found one, it was at a mall. In the middle of the mall. So I bought the dress and then had to walk through another store to get out to the parking lot. How weird is that!?!

We all know how we would NEVER try to walk out of a store with anything not enclosed in a store bag, right? Well, I not only walked through the mall with said clothing over my arm, but into, and out of, Sears as well. Weird, I tell you! Not that I object to the new rule, especially after seeing so many bags caught on fences along the highways, but I never seem to remember to take my cloth bags in to stores with me! I guess I will, eventually.

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  1. Right. I agree in principle with the rule but here's the rub, I designed a waste container for under my sink which takes the plastic store bags. When they stop such bags here I will have to buy plastic bags (we pay for the present bags in some shops anyway) for a lot more and redesign my waste container. However I guess that not everyone uses their bags which is why they wash up everywhere. Nothing's ever simple.

    (Like trying to get the WV - had three goes already!)