Friday, September 14, 2012

The Little Kidlettes!

How beautiful is this sweet girl??? On top of that cute face is a headful of curly hair! Gorgeous Lexi was born two days before...
Beautiful Brycie! They are both so adorable! These children are darling, in my humble opinion, right?!

I never imagined that I would be so far away from these sweet babies. Really, I thought that when my kids had kids, we would all be in the same town, Gramma in their lives every day. But that is not the reality of today. I can only hope that when I'm with them, we create such awesome memories that they will know me through them!


  1. No one is going to argue with your 'humble' opinion. They are gorgeous in anyone's eyes.

    1. P.S. I left a reply to your comment on my blog and my e-mail if you want to swap addresses.

  2. Oh.My. GOSH!
    I want kiss those cute little chubby cheeks!

  3. Yes. It would be a heard-hearted person who wasn't melted by those eyes.