Friday, July 13, 2012


I have to say, now that we've moved on from Montana, I am missing the possibility of seeing some wild aminals. We have a video of some adult Bison walking up to the middle of the road and staying there while the babies crossed the road. Only then did they cross themselves.
Pronghorn Antelope across the river from our campsite. We were surprised that he was out here all by himself.
Montana is beautiful, no matter where you go. We spent a few weeks in Yellowstone Park (a $10 senior pass will get you into any National Park for free), and a week in the Missoula area, which has the Clark Fork River running through it, back and forth across town. Gorgeous. We'll definitely come back here again.
In fact, we've been so impressed with South Dakota and Montana (and always Washington, Oregon, &, home, California) that we may retrace our steps again next year!


  1. Don't you just want to scratch that scruff off his back?

  2. Ha! I do, but it's probably like peeling sunburned skin. Not a good idea.

  3. I lived on the Montana/Idaho border when I was younger.
    I like how you said, that Montana is beautiful where ever you are in the state...I agree:)

  4. Those scenes are absolutely beautiful. I love the wide open plains, the mountains and the huge skies. I love all that so long as I'm not too far from water. I was rather puzzled, though, because I thought that Yellowstone was in Wyoming. So today I've learned that it's also in Montana and Idaho. My knowledge of the US increases daily.

  5. Hesper, I know, right? You lucky girl.

  6. GB, I'm a fish. I Love water, so I get that. I especially appreciate where you live 6 months out of the year. Keeps you hydrated, right?
    My favorite part of Yellowstone was in Wyoming, although it's all beautiful. I think everyone should experience Yellowstone if they can. What a wonderful memory for me.